Jul 23, 2021  
2021/2022 University Catalog 
2021/2022 University Catalog

M E 585 - Fundamentals of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

Units: 3

One lecture and four hours of laboratory.

Prerequisite(s): For aerospace engineering majors: M E 220 [or A E 220 ], E E 204 , and M E 240 . For electrical engineering majors: E E 330  and M E 240 . For mechanical engineering majors: M E 240  and M E 220  [or A E 220 ]. Proof of completion of prerequisite(s) required: Copy of transcript.

Microfabrication techniques, microsensors and microactuators, and scaling laws. A design project of a micro-device including schematic creation, test of performance, layout generation, and layout versus schematic comparison.