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2020/2021 University Catalog 
2020/2021 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SDSU Imperial Valley

Programs  offered at SDSU Imperial Valley Courses  offered at SDSU Imperial Valley

TELEPHONE: 760-768-5500
WEBSITE: http://www.ivcampus.sdsu.edu


Dean: Gregorio A. Ponce
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Mark R. Wheeler
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: Miguel Rahiotis
Director of Business and Financial Services: Maribel Madero
Director of Library Services:
Director of Advancement
: Diana Moreno (interim)


Emeritus: Ayala, Ballesteros, Coates, Dunn, Fatemi, Garrison, Hill, Livingston, Medeiros, Merino, Neumann, Payne, Polich, Roeder, Ryan, Sabath, Varela-Ibarra
Professors: Castañeda, Neumann, Pearson, Ponce, Ramirez-Pimienta, Shumaker
Associate Professors: Altamirano, Boime, Cordero, Herrera, Stampfl
Assistant Professors: Abarbanell, Alonso, Camargo, Hernando Llorens, Jancsics, Kanaan, O’Donnell, Qin, Shamsalizadeh, Tang
Lecturers: Fuentes, Hoyt, Kofford, Layaye

General Information

SDSU Imperial Valley is a branch campus of San Diego State University serving the people of southeastern California. It is accredited as an integral division of SDSU and operates under the same academic calendar. Established in 1959, by an act of the State legislature, the campus offers the last two years of undergraduate education, graduate programs, and fifth year credential programs for teacher preparation. In addition, SDSU Imperial Valley offers first and second year undergraduate education through the First Time Freshman Program that is available to all students who wish to major in criminal justice or psychology. The Imperial Valley University Partnership is a part-time innovative collaboration between SDSU-IV, Imperial Valley College, and the Imperial County Office of Education for students planning to major in history, liberal studies, psychology, public administration, or Spanish (available for students who have received a score of 3 or higher on the Spanish Language Advanced Placement examination). SDSU Imperial Valley faculty are multinational in their classroom orientation and background. Smart classroom technology provides students the opportunity to participate in some classes broadcast live from the campus in San Diego. SDSU Imperial Valley schedules many of its classes in three-hour blocks so that students who work full-time can earn 9-12 units a semester by attending classes once or twice a week. Some classes are also offered on the weekends.

Student clubs, student government, lectures, art exhibits, and musical events enhance education for the approximately 1,000 students at SDSU Imperial Valley.


Imperial County has a population of approximately 180,000 people. SDSU-IV is located on two sites, Calexico and Brawley. Calexico is 110 miles east of San Diego, 55 miles west of Yuma, Arizona, and 120 miles south of Palm Springs. Interstate 8 and State Highways 111 and 86 connect the County to the rest of the country and state. The Calexico location, six blocks from the Mexican border, provides the opportunity for involvement in a bicultural environment. Just across the border is Mexicali, a city of more than one million people. The Brawley location is 24 miles north of the Calexico site. It is surrounded by rich agricultural fields and a rapidly emerging renewable energy industry.

Freshman Programs

First Time Freshman Program

The First Time Freshman Program is a full-time freshman program at SDSU Imperial Valley that is available to all students who wish to major in criminal justice or psychology. The full-time program offers an accessible, affordable, and high quality education with a clear path to earning a bachelor’s degree in four years. The purpose of the program is to provide students in the Imperial Valley an opportunity to partake in an enriched university experience.

The First Time Freshman Program accepts students every fall. The program provides students full access to advising and mentoring, an academic plan for degree completion, student support services and resources, financial aid, scholarships, and campus activities/events. It employs features proven to increase student success, such as guaranteed access to classes, a freshman seminar course, student and parent orientations, and collaborative advising and mentoring.

Imperial Valley University Partnership

Imperial Valley University Partnership is an innovative educational partnership between San Diego State University-Imperial Valley, Imperial Valley College, and the Imperial County Office of Education.

IVUP accepts students every fall. It is an accessible, affordable, high quality educational program with a clear path to a bachelor’s degree in four years. The program is designed to provide students an enriched academic experience. It employs features proven to increase student success including a cohort structure, guaranteed access to classes, student and parent orientations, and a powerful emphasis on student advising and mentoring. IVUP is a dual admission program that offers majors in history, liberal studies (mathematics, science, and literacy), public administration, and Spanish (available for students who have received a score of 3 or higher on the Spanish Language Advanced Placement examination); and will include additional majors in the future.

The First Time Freshman Program and the Imperial Valley University Partnership accept admission applications for fall from October 1 to November 30 of the previous year. For additional information, visit http://ivcampus.sdsu.edu or call 760-768-5509.

Exchange Programs and Study Abroad

Graduate and undergraduate students at the SDSU Imperial Valley can enhance their education and cultural awareness by taking part in several of the many opportunities available to study abroad.

SDSU offers over 350 education abroad programs in more than 50 countries. In addition to SDSU’s own study abroad programs, students may participate in the California State University International Programs; the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) Consortia; and other independent programs.

Research Centers, Institute, and Partnership

Professional Skills Development Center

Suzanna Fuentes, Director

The goal of the Professional Skills Development Center is to provide professional development training programs through conferences, symposiums, workshops, and certificate programs to the residents of the Imperial Valley, Mexicali, and several states in Mexico. The successful implementation of these programs is accomplished by partnering with important academic institutions in the private and public sectors. The Professional Skills Development Center makes SDSU-IV part of the community by attending local and international meetings, activities, and events.

Programs in the Imperial Valley focus on migrant education, the use of technology in education and in the workforce, and Medical Office Assistant Certification. The international training programs include pedagogical theory and practice focused on second language learners’ language acquisition and assessment. The AMCO English Language Skills Assessment Program is responsible for the creation and implementation of English assessments internationally.

Sustainable Energy Center (SEC)

Asfaw Beyene, Director

Araceli Saucedo, Research Technician

The Sustainable Energy Center (SEC) is located in the heart of California’s Imperial Valley, the United States’ epicenter for renewable energy production. SEC promotes excellence in renewable energy education, outreach, and research. Through its emphasis on synergistic public and private sector partnerships, SEC fosters cutting-edge renewable energy research, provides academic and professional education relevant to California’s energy future, and contributes to the social and economic development of Imperial County.

San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Borderlands Institute

Carlos R. Herrera, Director

The SDSU-IV Borderlands Institute, founded in August 2013, promotes border-related scholarship and activities relevant to the Imperial, Mexicali, and Yuma valleys. The institute coordinates cultural exchange programs with Mexican institutions, fosters the university’s role as an active participant in the trans-border community, hosts visiting scholars, and sponsors academic conferences and public lectures.

USDA-HSI and SDSU Imperial Valley Partnership

Roberto González, Jr., Regional Director for Southern California and Arizona

The USDA-HSI national program promotes partnerships and collaborations between U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) agencies and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). The partnership cultivates knowledge and develops leaders by linking USDA and higher education. For more information, stop by the Library Annex, Room 12B at SDSU Imperial Valley.


The Calexico campus is located on an eight-acre city block in the heart of Calexico’s civic center along the Mexican border. The campus facilities create a pleasing architectural harmony of old and new structures surrounding a spacious central lawn area, the Rollie Carrillo Quad. Adjoining the quad, the library, Joseph Rodney Auditorium, and John Steppling Art Gallery provide academic and cultural resources for the entire community. Other buildings include classroom buildings, the administration building, faculty offices, computer labs, a bookstore, and the Student Union. The Brawley campus is a showcase of the latest instructional technologies, including a computer classroom, a video conference classroom, full computer and Internet presentation capabilities in all classrooms, as well as a computer laboratory for students to research and study individually or in groups. The Brawley campus is also the site of the Center for Energy Sustainability and its numerous renewable energy projects.

The library, located at the Calexico site, is designed to facilitate research and to provide a pleasant atmosphere for study. The collection’s volumes, periodicals, and newspapers support the curricula offered at SDSU Imperial Valley. Services provided include reference assistance, CD ROM databases, personal computers for word processing, full text database, Internet access, interlibrary loans, and photocopying facilities.

Computer assistance is available in the computer laboratory. Both Macintosh and IBM compatible systems and Internet access are also available on campus.

Prospective Student Center

The Prospective Student Center is dedicated to help prospecctive students decide if SDSU Imperial Valley is the right choice for them. Whether potential students are first-time freshmen, transfer students, family members, or community members, the Prospective Student Center staff advises on admissions requirements, the CSU application process, services on campus and other university-related information. The Prospective Student Center thrives to maintain positive relationships with all elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, and the public. For more information, call 760-768-5500 or visit the office located in Student Affairs.

Student Retention Center

The Student Retention Center is a data-driven department that increases student persistence and completion rates by removing potential barriers or impediments to student success. The department aims to increase retention efforts and overall student success by having proactive contact with students, connecting them to the right resources on campus, as well collaborating with departments across the university to develop and support initiatives that enhance student support and success. For more information, call 760-768-5521 or visit the office located in Student Affairs.

Admission and Registration

To apply for admission to SDSU Imperial Valley, students complete the Cal State Apply application online at http://www.calstate.edu/apply and have transcripts sent to the Office of Admissions, San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA 92182-7455. Call 760-768-5667 for additional information.

After students have been admitted, they can register on the Internet using WebPortal, but only after fees are paid. Late registration is allowed during the first three weeks of the semester. Students wishing to late register must pay registration fees plus a $25.00 late fee.


SDSU Imperial Valley holds its own commencement exercises each spring, in the Rollie Carrillo Quad, prior to commencement exercises on the San Diego campus.

SDSU Imperial Valley Scholarships and Endowments

SDSU Imperial Valley students were awarded $207,328 in scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year. Information and applications for scholarships are available from the Financial Aid Office. Following is a list of scholarships and endowments established at SDSU Imperial Valley:


Michael and Kerri Abatti
Alpha Omicron
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
David Ballesteros
Book Scholarship
William and Susan Brandt
Enrique Camarena Memorial
Centinela Solar Energy
Dean’s Scholarship
J. Decker and M. Anderson
Margarita De Necochea
Francis and Edna Rae Frye
General Dynamics Land Systems
Good Sport Howie
Jack Hart Family
Herschel Hudson
Imperial Valley Campus
Imperial Valley University Partnership (IVUP)
Nancy Marlin
Sally McMahon Donors of Valley Endeavors (DOVES)
Alicia Mendoza
Alejandro and Florencia Nogales
Douglas and Barbara Patino
Joe and Dorothy Rodney
Rotary International District 5340
Ethan Singer
Title V Scholarship
Stephen and Susan Weber
Emily C. Wogaman


Michael and Kerri Abatti
Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
David Ballesteros
Brandt Title V
William and Susan Brandt
Enrique Camarena Memorial
Francis and Edna Rae Frye
Jack Hart
Good Sport Howie
Herschel Hudson
Nancy Marlin
Sally McMahon - Donors of Valley Endeavors (DOVES)
Alejandro and Florencia Nogales
Douglas and Barbara Patiño
Jerry Pennington Memorial
Ralph and Eva Pesqueira
Joseph and Dorothy Rodney
Rotary International District 5340
Ethan A. Singer
Title V