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2023/2024 University Catalog 
2023/2024 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Brazilian Studies, B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences

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(Major Code: 03082) (SIMS Code: 115704)

Majors in Brazilian Studies complete an interdisciplinary program on Brazil: one of the largest democracies in our hemisphere, a key trading partner, and an important source of cultural production. While the primary intellectual focus of the proposed major is on Brazil, program design is intended to place the study of Brazil in the broader context of comparison with the United States, Latin America, the Portuguese-speaking world and the Black Atlantic, thus allowing students to understand Brazil in relation to wider sociocultural and historical contexts.

SDSU is an ideal setting for a major in Brazilian Studies because of the University’s rich offerings in Portuguese language, Latin American Studies, Africana Studies, and the programming and partnerships of the Behner Stiefel Center for Brazilian Studies. The Center’s already existing programs, such as study abroad programs and student internships in Brazil, support the major and offer students opportunities for meaningful learning experiences in Brazil. Furthermore, San Diego, which is home to a sizeable Brazilian population, boasts a strong Brazilian cultural presence throughout the city. The Center maintains active collaborations with community partners, who support student learning through guest lectures, cultural events, and other programming.

A major in Brazilian Studies provides several professional and academic opportunities. The interdisciplinary training of the Brazilian Studies major enables students to choose the courses that will best prepare them for their career goals. An undergraduate degree in Brazilian Studies can lead to exciting careers in diplomacy, international organizations, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector. The Brazilian Studies capstone requirement ensures that students graduate having completed a research project of publishable quality that can serve as a writing sample for graduate school or job applications.

Preparation for the Major

(12 units)

Language Requirement

Competency equivalent to that normally attained through four college semesters of Portuguese. Refer to section of catalog on “Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree .”

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Complete one of the approved upper division writing courses (W) with a grade of C (2.0) or better. See “Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree  ” section for a complete listing of requirements.

International Experience

All students are required to complete three credits of international experience related to the study of Brazil or Brazilian culture in the diaspora. “International experience” is broadly defined, and includes year-long, semester, or summer study abroad, faculty led programs, an international internship, international volunteer program, approved collaborative online international learning (COIL) courses offered by the Center for Brazilian Studies or other international activity approved by the undergraduate adviser. Student learning objectives for the international experience reflect those under development by the Division of International Affairs, including engagement with critical global issues, the cultivation of interpersonal and interpersonal skills across different cultural milieu, exposure to and appreciation of other languages, and the ability to connect global experiences to future careers.


A minimum of 30 upper division units to include

Three Units of International Experience (see above)

One Three-unit Capstone Requirement, Fulfilled by

24 Upper Division Major Electives

24 upper division major electives with three units of upper division Brazilian Studies courses and three units in each of the following three areas of specialization. No course may be used to satisfy more than one area. Courses numbered 495, 496, 498, 499 and 596 from all participating departments, and other upper-division courses with appropriate content on Brazil, are acceptable for elective credit with approval of the adviser. 


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