Dec 06, 2023  
2023/2024 University Catalog 
2023/2024 University Catalog

Business Administration, M.B.A. and Law, Juris Doctor (California Western School of Law)

(Major Code: 05011) (SIMS Code: 221720)

General Information

The Fowler College of Business and the California Western School of Law offer a four-year concurrent program and study leading to a Master of Business Administration and Juris Doctor degree in law. The objective of the concurrent degrees program is to prepare students who are competent in both law and business administration for advanced practice in many areas where the fields converge. Both degrees must be awarded in the same semester.

Admission to the Degree Curriculum

Regulations governing admission to the university and to the Fowler College of Business are outlined in Admission and Registration .

The concurrent degree program requires separate application to each institution and admission to each institution. Admission decisions are made independently by San Diego State University and California Western School of Law; admission to one institution does not imply admission to the other.

The coordinators for the concurrent degree program in business administration and law are the director of graduate business programs, San Diego State University, and the associate dean, California Western School of Law.

Specific Requirements for the MBA/JD Concurrent Degree

(36-43 Units-Including up to 9 units transferred from California Western School of Law)

Between 27 to 34 of the total units required must be completed in residence at San Diego State University. Up to 9 units from California Western School of Law will be accepted for transfer credit for programs of study.

The Requirements for the Degree are as Follows


The requirement to complete individual foundations core courses B A 640 , B A 641 , B A 642  , B A 643 , B A 644 , B A 645  may be waived by the director of graduate business programs under special circumstances. Waivers are determined by evaluating prior course content, institution at which courses were taken, grades received, and time since courses were taken.

Complete the Following Professional Core of Six Courses

(18 units)

These courses cannot be waived. 


(3-9 units)

Complete three to nine units of business electives (depending on course waivers). Not more than six units outside the Fowler College of Business and not more than a total of six units in courses 780 (Field Studies in Business), 797 (Research), and 798 (Special Study), will be accepted toward the degree. Courses taken outside of the Fowler College of Business must be approved by the director of graduate business programs.

Complete a Culminating Experience

(1-3 units)

California Western School of Law (77 Units)

  • Civil Procedures I and II Units: 6
  • Constitutional Law I Units: 3
  • Contracts I and II Units: 6
  • Criminal Law Units: 3
  • Criminal Procedure I Units: 3
  • Evidence Units: 4
  • Legal Process Units: 0
  • Legal Skills I, II, III Units: 6
  • Professional Responsibility Units: 2
  • Property I and II Units: 6
  • Torts I and II Units: 6
  • Internship Units: 5
  • Electives Units: 27

The specific sequence of courses over the four year period is listed in the admissions material. Students attend the schools in the following pattern:

Year 1 California Western School of Law only
Year 2 San Diego State University, Fowler College of Business only
Year 3 Both schools
Year 4 Both schools