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2022/2023 University Catalog 
2022/2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electrical Engineering, M.S.

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(Major Code: 09091) (SIMS Code: 443001) (SIMS Code: 443003 - SDSU Global Campus)

General information

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers graduate study leading to a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. The program provides balanced opportunities to study practical engineering design and do research.

Specific Requirements for the Degree

Completion of 30 units of 500-, 600-, or 700-level courses to include E E 601  or E E 602  (depending on depth area selected, as directed by the graduate adviser) and one of two options: Plan A (Thesis) or Plan B (Project). Students cannot use more than 12 units of 500-level courses. Students are required to plan their program of study and have it approved by the graduate adviser to satisfy the depth and breadth course requirements.

Depth Requirement

Students are required to select their depth area and complete a specific set of approved courses. The depth areas include but are not limited to communication systems, computer networks, digital signal processing, electromagnetic systems, embedded systems, energy systems and controls, and VLSI systems.

Breadth Requirement

Students are required to complete a specific number of approved courses from areas other than the declared depth area.

Requirements for Plan A (Thesis)

Students are required to take

The Remaining 21 Units

The remaining 21 units can be taken from the selected depth area or from breadth courses, subject to the approval of the thesis adviser and graduate adviser. Credit for E E 797  will be given only after completing the thesis. Credit cannot be given for E E 798  for students in Plan A.

Requirements for Plan B (Project)

Students are required to complete 18 units selected from a depth area to include a minimum of nine units of breadth courses and

Students May Enroll

Students may enroll in the project course, E E 798 , after completion of 21 units, but must do so in the semester immediately following completion of 27 units. The evaluation process of the project will be determined by the department and enforced by the graduate adviser.

For the Availability

For the availability of the courses, research areas, and other information related to the graduate program, refer to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering website at

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