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2022/2023 University Catalog 
2022/2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Rhetoric and Writing Studies Minor

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(Minor Code: 15013) (SIMS Code: 112220)

Designed for students from across the disciplines, the minor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies provides students with an enhanced awareness of the central role of language and textual practices in every discipline. Thus, both students who want to improve their critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, as well as students interested in pursuing graduate work or entering more writing- intensive professions, will benefit from the minor. The minor includes three core courses intended to introduce students to the study of rhetoric, which incorporates a broad range of topics, including rhetorical theory, cultural  rhetoric, and literacy and technology. The minor is also interdisciplinary in nature and includes coursework in rhetoric, communication, linguistics, and education. Students select the courses that best suit their future career and educational goals.

While virtually all professions are enhanced by skills in writing, critical reading, and analytical thinking, the minor is particularly beneficial to students seeking careers in areas such as law, politics, journalism, business, science, engineering, public administration, and education.

A minimum of six upper division units must be completed in residence at San Diego State University. In designing the minor, students may not include courses drawn from their major department.

Required Courses

The additional nine upper division units must be selected from courses in the Rhetoric and Writing Studies Department.

The minor in rhetoric and writing studies consists of a minimum of 15 upper division units. Six units must be selected from the core courses,

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