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2022/2023 University Catalog 
2022/2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, B.S. in Applied Arts and Sciences

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(Major Code: 12031)
(SIMS Code: 554601 - Nursing Premajor)
(SIMS Code: 554602 - SDSU Global Campus)
(SIMS Code: 554603 - Internal SDSU, Transfers)
(SIMS Code: 554605 - Continuing Direct Admit Track 1)
(SIMS Code: 554606 - Continuing Direct Admit Track 2)

All candidates for a degree in Applied Arts and Sciences must complete the graduation requirements listed in the section of this catalog on “Graduation Requirements .” 

A minor is not required with this major. 

Nursing majors may be part-time students in the curriculum with Director approval. Consultation with the undergraduate adviser is mandatory.

Preparation for the Major

(43 units)

With the required grades (B- or above for all biology courses, C or above for all others).

Students in the nursing program are coded as nursing majors once they successfully complete


1 Upper division transfer students fulfill these course requirements by completing human anatomy (with required laboratory), human physiology (with required laboratory), and microbiology (with required laboratory), designated as certified CSU GE Life Sciences and Laboratory (B2, B3) transfer courses.

2 Upper division transfer students fulfill this course requirement with a CSU GE certified B1 chemistry course (general, organic, inorganic, or integrated). 

3 Upper division transfer students fulfill this area with a statistics course certified for CSU GE mathematics/quantitative reasoning (B4). 

4 Upper division transfer students fulfill this area with any certified CSU GE oral communication (A1) transfer course. 

5 Upper division transfer students fulfill this area with any certified CSU GE written communication (A2) transfer course. 

6 Upper division transfer students fulfill this area with any certified CSU GE critical thinking (A3) transfer course.

Note Also

Students must complete PSY 101  and PSY 230  to satisfy nursing program requirements. A grade of C (2.0) or better is required in all nursing courses. No nursing course may be repeated more than once. A grade of C (2.0) or better is required in statistics. A grade of B- (2.7) or better is required in all biology courses.

General Education

It is recommended that students take PHIL 330  to satisfy three units of upper division Humanities, IV.C. 

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Passing the Writing Placement Assessment with a score of 10 or completing one of the approved upper division writing courses (W) with a grade of C (2.0) or better. See “Graduation Requirements ” section for a complete listing of requirements.

International Experience

Nursing majors are required to participate in a pre-approved international experience to increase awareness of cross-cultural issues, global health, economic, political, cultural, social services, and health challenges experienced by local populations in international environments. Students participate in residence for two or more weeks (exemption from the study abroad portion of the requirement must be approved by the dean of the college based on serious and compelling life events or physical limitations; a relevant course will be substituted). Specific details can be found on the college website at http://www.chhs.sdsu.edu/international. (Second baccalaureate degree students are exempt from this requirement.)

To meet the international experience requirement, majors must complete one of the following:

  1. A CSU Study Abroad Program;
  2. An SDSU Exchange Program;
  3. An SDSU Study Abroad Program;
  4. An SDSU Study Travel Program; 

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