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2022/2023 University Catalog 
2022/2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies, Emphasis in Chinese Studies and Language, Track A: Chinese Studies, B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences

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(SIMS Code: 111103)

All candidates for a degree in liberal arts and sciences must complete the graduation requirements listed in the section of this catalog on “Graduation Requirements .” No more than 48 units in Asian studies courses can apply to the degree.

A minor is not required with this major.

Emphasis in Chinese Studies and Language

Close to one quarter of humanity lives in China, as has been the case for most of human history. Two of the world’s major religions originated in China, as did key technologies ranging from paper and porcelain manufacturing to gunpowder and the magnetic compass. China’s literature, art, poetry, and love of history are also world famous. In the 21st century, China’s economic growth and increasing political clout play a crucial role in world affairs. An increasing number of Americans are discovering the importance of learning about and engaging with China and Chinese diaspora communities. The emphasis in Chinese studies and language seeks to provide student with facility in the Chinese language and with a broad understanding of Chinese philosophy, religion, art, history, economics, politics, and geography.

Students selecting this emphasis may choose either Track (a) Chinese Studies or Track (b) Chinese Language.

Preparation for the Major

(29 units)

The Chinese language courses can be satisfied by examination or completion of CHIN 202  See adviser.

Language Requirement

The language requirement for graduation is automatically fulfilled by completing coursework for preparation for the major.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

See “Graduation Requirements ” section for a complete listing of requirements.

Study Abroad Requirement

Students are required to fulfill the capstone requirement for the emphasis by study abroad for one semester on an SDSU pre-approved program in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macao.

  • Capstone Experience Units: 3

Track (a): Chinese Studies


*Acceptable when of relevant content.

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