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2021/2022 University Catalog 
2021/2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts and Sciences, M.A.

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(Major Code: 49017) (SIMS Code: 114501)

In addition to meeting the basic requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences as described in Requirements for Master’s Degrees , the student must complete a graduate program of 30 units, 15 units of which must be in 600- and 700-level courses. Up to 15 units of coursework can be taken at the 500-level.

Advancement to Candidacy

All students must satisfy the general requirements for advancement to candidacy as described in Requirements for Master’s Degrees . In addition, the students must (1) satisfactorily complete 12 units, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0, including 9 units of core seminars as stipulated (MALAS 600A MALAS 600B MALAS 600C MALAS 600D ) and (2) have a thesis or project proposal which has received the approval of the Graduate Liberal Arts and Sciences Committee and its director.

The Total Program Includes

Thesis or Project

15 Units of Electives

15 units of electives selected with approval of the MALAS director.

Plan A or Plan B

Students may select either Plan A or Plan B in consultation with the MALAS director. In addition to meeting the distribution requirements given above, students electing Plan A must complete MALAS 799A  (Thesis or Project). Students electing Plan B must complete MALAS 795  (Studies in the Liberal Arts and Sciences) and pass a written comprehensive examination in lieu of the thesis.

All programs must be approved by the MALAS director in consultation with the Graduate Liberal Arts and Sciences Committee.

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