Jun 12, 2021  
2021/2022 University Catalog 
2021/2022 University Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies, M.A.

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(Major Code: 49993) (SIMS Code: M.A. 995010)

Specific Requirements

  1. In addition to satisfying the requirements for classified graduate standing and the basic requirements for the master’s degree, as described in Requirements for Master’s Degrees , the student must complete a graduate program of at least 30 units of courses acceptable for advanced degree credit.
  2. The official program of study must reflect careful and deliberate planning. The selection and level of courses will be based on the best standards and practices of the disciplines involved. Normally no more than nine units taken prior to approval of the official program of study may apply to the degree.
  3. In consultation with the supervisory committee, the student will determine the subject of the research for a thesis that will be completed as the culminating experience in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree.

General Procedures for the Program

Students must take the following steps to obtain classified student status:

  1. After meeting with the assistant dean of the College of Graduate Studies, a student must complete and follow the instructions on the form, “Request for Permission to Pursue an Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s Degree,” which is available in the College of Graduate Studies. The applicant must initially seek out a potential faculty adviser and two additional faculty members who have the expertise and interest in advising and supporting the applicant in the proposed program of study.
  2. When the student’s portion of the form has been completed, the major adviser selected, and other potential supervisory committee members contacted, an appointment with the assistant dean of the College of Graduate Studies should be arranged. In some instances, both the applicant and the proposed major adviser should be present at this meeting. Other proposed committee members are welcome to participate in these discussions.
  3. Following this meeting and after making any modifications to the proposed program eventuating from it, the student must present for approval the “Request for Permission to Pursue an Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s Degree” to the chairs of departments in which courses are being proposed and to the deans of colleges responsible for these academic units.
  4. The student will then present the “Request,” endorsed with appropriate departmental and college recommendations, to the College of Graduate Studies, where it will be reviewed by the graduate dean for final endorsement to certify that the “Request” has been approved as an official program of study, that the supervisory committee has been formally appointed, and that the student has been granted classified graduate standing for the purpose of pursuing the interdisciplinary major.
  5. Virtually all other requirements for this major are the same as those for other master’s degree programs, as specified in this bulletin. Special questions should be directed to the chair of the supervisory committee or to the College of Graduate Studies.

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