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2021/2022 University Catalog 
2021/2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Administration, Emphasis in City Planning, B.A. in Applied Arts and Sciences

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(Major Code: 21021) (SIMS Code: 666919)

All candidates for a degree in applied arts and sciences must complete the graduation requirements listed in the section of this catalog on “Graduation Requirements .”

A minor is not required with this major.

Emphasis in City Planning

Preparation for the Major

(21 units)

These prerequisite courses may not be taken Cr/NC. The minimum grade in each class is C.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Passing the Writing Placement Assessment with a score of 10 or completing one of the approved upper division writing courses (W) with a grade of C (2.0) or better. See “Graduation Requirements ” section for a complete listing of requirements.

Master Plan

Students should follow the Master Plan Advising Guide to ensure completion of major requirements. Contact the School of Public Affairs for a copy of the guide or download at http://spa.sdsu.edu/.

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