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2023/2024 University Catalog 
2023/2024 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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In the Department of European Studies  

OFFICE: Storm Hall 224A
TELEPHONE: 619-594-5111 / FAX: 619-594-8006
E-MAIL: italian.coord@sdsu.edu
WEBSITE: http://italian.sdsu.edu


Chair: Clò, Clarissa, Professor of Italian (Laurea, University of Bologna, Italy; M.A., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)

Italian Program Director and Undergraduate AdviserClò, Clarissa, Professor of Italian

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty:

Benaglia, Cecilia, Assistant Professor of French and Italian (B.A., Università Ca’ Foscari, Italy; M.A., Université de Paris, France; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University)


Brighenti, Sonia, Ph.D., European Studies, Italian

Hernandez, Jorge, M.A., European Studies, Italian

Kading, Silvia, M.A., European Studies, Italian

Ruggeri, Rosamaria, ABD, European Studies, Italian


Vergani, GianAngelo, Dottorato in Lettere, 1963-1992, Professor of Italian

Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments

Students selecting Italian as one of their departments in this major must complete ITAL 301 , all lower division competency requirements, and at least two upper division Italian courses.

Language Requirement for the B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Students electing the study of Italian to fulfill the language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts and sciences must successfully complete ITAL 201  or ITAL 211  or the equivalent level of achievement. The usual sequence of coursework is ITAL 100A , ITAL 100B , and ITAL 201  or ITAL 211 . Refer to Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree  for additional ways to satisfy competency.

High School Equivalents

High school language other than English courses may be used for purposes of placement in college courses and may be counted toward meeting the language requirement in various majors. These high school courses will not count as college credit toward graduation.

Secondary school language courses can be used as follows:

  1. The first two years of high school level language count as the equivalent of the first semester of a college level course.
  2. The first three years of high school level language count as the equivalent of the first two college semesters.
  3. Four years of high school level language count as the equivalent of three college semesters or five college quarters, thus fulfilling the language requirement.



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