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2023/2024 University Catalog 
2023/2024 University Catalog

European Studies

European Studies Department

Additional Programs in the Department of European Studies:

OFFICE: Storm Hall 224A
TELEPHONE: 619-594-5111 / FAX: 619-594-8006
E-MAIL: euro-studies@sdsu.edu
WEBSITE: http://europe.sdsu.edu

Chair: Clò, Clarissa, Professor of Italian (Laurea, University of Bologna, Italy; M.A., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)

Graduate Adviser: Donadey, Anne, Professor of French and Women’s Studies (B.A., M.A., Universite de Nice, France; Ph.D., Northwestern University)

Administrative Coordinator: Gonzalez, Veronica (M.A.)

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty:

Schulze, Mathias, Professor of German (Diplomlehrer, Teacher Training College Leipzig, Germany; Ph.D., University of Manchester, United Kingdom)

Rebien, Kristin, Associate Professor of German (M.A., Universitat Leipzig, Germany; Ph.D., Stanford University)

Schuckman-Matthews, Emily, Associate Professor of European Studies, European Studies Program Director (B.A., Claremont McKenna College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington)

Benaglia, Cecilia, Assistant Professor of French and Italian (B.A., Università Ca’ Foscari, Italy; M.A., Université de Paris, France; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University)

Sago, Kylie, Assistant Professor of French (B.A. Georgetown University; Ph.D. Harvard University)


Brighenti, Sonia, Ph.D., European Studies, Italian

Forrayi, Susanne, M.A., European Studies, French

Guzman, Christine, M.A., European Studies, German

Hernandez, Jorge, M.A., European Studies, Italian

Jaima, Felicitas R., Ph.D., European Studies, German

Rosskopf, Amy Harker, M.A., European Studies, French

Kading, Silvia, M.A., European Studies, Italian

Ransom Thomson, Holly E., C.Phil., European Studies, French

Ruggeri, Rosamaria, M.A., European Studies, Italian

Shembel, Daria, Ph.D. European Studies, Russian


Benkov, Edith J., Ph.D., 1983-2015, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Provost’s Office; Professor of French

Cornwell, JoAnne, Ph.D., 1984-2010, Associate Professor of French and Africana Studies

Cox, Thomas J., Ph.D., 1975-2000, Professor of French

Dukas, Vytas, Ph.D., 1959-1988, Professor of Russian

Fetzer, Leland A., Ph.D., 1966-1992, Professor of Russian

Jackson, Elizabeth R., Doctorat, 1969-1986, Professor of French

Lyman-Hager, Mary Ann, Ph.D., 1997-2017, Professor of French

Palmer, Dennis, A.B., 1965-1997, Associate Professor of French

Sacco, Steven J., Ph.D., 1997-2014, Professor of French

Schorr, James L., Ph.D., 1983-2015, Professor of French

Shapovalov, Veronica, Ph.D., 1988-2019, Professor of Russian

Skwara, Erich W., Ph.D., 1986-2010, Professor of Humanities and German

Vergani, GianAngelo, Dottorato in Lettere, 1963-1992, Professor of Italian

Wauchope, Mary M., Ph.D., 1989-2015, Associate Professor of German

European Studies Department

The Department of European Studies offers B.A.s and minors in European Studies, French and Francophone Studies, German and German Studies, Russian and Russian and Central European Studies as well as a minor in Italian and an M.A. in French and Francophone Studies.

European Studies Program

In the Department of European Studies

Chair: Clarissa Clò, Professor of Italian (Laurea, University of Bologna, Italy; M.A., University of Cincinnati; Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)

European Studies Program Director and Undergraduate Adviser: Emily Schuckman-Matthews, Associate Professor of European Studies (B.A., Claremont McKenna College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington)

The Major

European Studies. The establishment of a unified European community, colonialism, the legacy of the communist past, contested borders, national identity, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and migration - for students with an interest in these or other topics of international importance, European Studies presents an opportunity to develop an individualized academic program. The European Studies major provides students with interdisciplinary study of contemporary Europe and extensive preparation in a modern European language. The major requires a core of European Studies courses which address the themes and issues of modern Europe: the EU, new political realities in Central and Eastern Europe, transnational connections and understanding how Europeans relate to themselves and to the rest of the world. Because language proficiency plays a pivotal role in intercultural and social understanding, the study of languages is an integral part of the degree. Students will attain an advanced level of proficiency in a modern European language (to be selected from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish) and select from courses offered in a variety of programs on campus which contribute to the interdisciplinary study of contemporary European culture. Reaching beyond traditional linguistic and historical approaches to the subject, this program challenges majors to develop critical, focused, interdisciplinary understandings of European themes and issues. The European Studies major prepares students for a variety of careers in diplomacy, with government agencies, or in European-centered commerce, communication, arts or the travel industry. Students also have the option of pursuing a double major in a second European language area study. Finally, with some carefully chosen additional coursework outside the major, graduate study in any of the major’s disciplines is an option.


All College of Arts and Letters majors are urged to consult with their department adviser as soon as possible; they are required to meet with their department adviser within the first two semesters after declaration or change of major.