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2022/2023 University Catalog 
2022/2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latin American Studies

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OFFICE: Arts and Letters 377
TELEPHONE: 619-594-1104
WEBSITE: http://latinamericanstudies.sdsu.edu


Latin American Studies is administered by the Latin American Studies Committee. 

Faculty assigned to teach courses in Latin American Studies are drawn from disciplines across the campus and reflect the expertise of faculty research in and on Latin America.

Director: Pérez, Ramona L., Professor of Anthropology (B.A., San Diego State University; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Riverside)

Associate Director: Bartel, Rebecca C., Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Associate Director (B.A., Canadian Mennonite University, Canada; M.A., Universidad de los Andes, Columbia; Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada)

Undergraduate Adviser: Carruthers, David, Professor of Political Science (B.A., Southern Oregon University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Oregon)


Ayala, Guadalupe (Public Health), Ben, Pablo (History), Blanco, Alda (Spanish), Bosco, Fernando (Geography), Brodine, Stephanie (Public Health), Colvin, Roddrick (Public Affairs), Crespo, Noe (Public Health), Cueva Chacón, Lourdes (Journalism and Media Studies), Flanigan, Shawn (Public Affairs), Godoy, Marquet (Spanish), Maher, Kristen (Political Science), Martín-Flores, José Mario (Spanish), Mayes, Arion (Anthropology), Nericcio, William (English and Comparative Literature), O’Brien, Cheryl (Political Science), Quintana, Penelope (Public Health), Robb Larkins, Erika (Anthropology and Sociology), Schmitz Weiss, Amy (Journalism and Media Studies), Talavera, Gregory (Psychology), Vasconcelos, Ricardo (Portuguese), Welsh, Megan B. (Public Affairs)


Alfaro, Victor Clark (Latin American Studies)

Beltrán, Carlos Figueroa (Latin American Studies)

Calvario, Velma V. (Latin American Studies)

Guzman, Roberto (Latin American Studies)

Trujillo, Angelina (Latin American Studies)

Wysocki, David J. (Latin American Studies)

Undergraduate Information

The Major

The major in Latin American Studies is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide an effective understanding of the cultures, histories, societies, economies, and governments of Latin America, offering basic education and training for business or professional careers that require specialized knowledge of this exciting and diverse area of the world.

A major in Latin American Studies provides a multitude of career opportunities. Employment possibilities exist not only in the United States and Latin America, but also throughout the world. Graduates can apply their specialization to service in international organizations, government positions, and in nongovernmental organizations at the local, regional, state, and federal levels. Numerous employment situations can be found in the private sector especially in the local San Diego/Tijuana border region where organizations and corporations have significant interests in Latin America and the border region. Those students who wish to share their knowledge of Latin America through teaching can continue in their studies through teacher credential programs and at the graduate level. A major in Latin American Studies opens many avenues in the choice of a career.

High school students preparing to enter this program should include in the high school course of study not less than three years of study in one language other than English, preferably Spanish or Portuguese. Proficiency in either of these languages is indispensable to a successful career in this area of study.


All College of Arts and Letters majors are urged to consult with their department adviser as soon as possible. Students are required to meet with their department adviser within the first two semesters after declaration or change of major.

Graduate Information

Admission to Graduate Study

Students applying for admission should electronically submit the university application available at http://www.calstate.edu/apply along with the application fee.

All applicants must submit admissions materials separately to SDSU Graduate Admissions and to the Center for Latin American Studies.

Information on required materials, due dates, and submission procedures are found at: https://latam.sdsu.edu/graduate/how-to-apply.

Master of Arts (MA) in Latin American Studies, Master of Arts in Latin American Studies and Master of Business Administration (dual degree MA/MBA), and Master of Arts in Latin American Studies and Master in Public Administration (dual degree MA/MPA) require the following items submitted through Interfolio at: https://latam.sdsu.edu/graduate/how-to-apply.

  1. Personal statement
  2. Three letters of reference
  3. Resume

Master of Arts Degree in Latin American Studies and Master of Public Health (dual degree MA/MPH) submit directly to the School of Public Health through SOPHAS (Schools of Public Health Application Service) linked at: https://latam.sdsu.edu/graduate/how-to-apply.

Students who do not fully meet the requirements for admission with classified graduate standing may be considered for conditionally classified graduate standing upon recommendation of the admissions committee and the graduate adviser.


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