Apr 20, 2024  
2023/2024 University Catalog 
2023/2024 University Catalog

P H 899 - Dr.P.H. Dissertation

Units: 1-12

Grading Method: LTR: Letter Graded. The class will be offered for letter grade with no option to take it for Cr/NC

Prerequisite(s): P H 901, P H 902, P H 903, P H 904, P H 905, P H 906A or P H 906B, P H 907, P H 908, P H 909, P H 910; admission to the Public Health, Concentration in Executive Management, Dr.P.H. program, or the Public Health, Concentration in Global Health Management, Dr.P.H. program, or instructor consent. 

Preparation of a comprehensive program plan, strategic plan, or policy analysis that demonstrates a systems approach to addressing a public health issue, engaging individuals from multiple disciplines and perspectives and collaboration across organizations, demonstrating the application of doctoral-level competencies.

May be repeated with consent of instructor. 
Maximum Credits: 12
Maximum Credit Statement: Twelve units with consent of instructor.

Note: Cohort model; P H 901 through P H 910 must be taken sequentially. This is the final course of the cohort model; students must have completed all required courses prior to enrolling in this course.