Jul 16, 2024  
2023/2024 University Catalog 
2023/2024 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

JMS 312W - Media Writing for Scientists

Units: 3

Grading Method: LTR: Letter Graded. The class will be offered for letter grade with no option to take it for Cr/NC

Two lectures and two hours of activity.

Prerequisite(s): JMS 200  or JMS 210 . Satisfies Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement for students who have completed 60 units; and completed General Education requirements in Communication and Critical Thinking. Proof of completion of prerequisite(s) required: Test scores or verification of exemption; copy of transcript.

Writing science research for general audiences. Finding news angles, gathering information, and interviewing scientists. Writing with accessibility, accuracy, and creativity across digital, mass, niche, and social media platforms.

Maximum Credits: 3